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Ribboned dress mask, Germany 1984, Artist: Hansjorg Karrais Maiden Mask - Nigera, Africa, 1970 - Ibo Tribe Lord Ganesha - India, early 1990s - Hindu Pookmus Mask - Chu-chua, BC, Canada, 1986 Artist: Alexander A. Joseph Devil - Dragon Mask - Bolivia, circa 1950

Few things have as much power to convey an entire history about a culture and a time period, as well as the beliefs of people, like a mask. A mask, whether on a wall or worn, seems to reach out across the room and pull you into a frame of mind that allows you to better understand different cultures.

From May 10 to September 22, 2004, The Coffey County Historical Museum was pleased to host Carla Hanson’s Spirit of the Mask Collection. The mask on display were from 30 different countries on five different continents and from nine Native American Nations including Bali, Burma, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Bolivia, The Ivory Coast, Mexico, New Guinea and Zaire.

Carla Hanson started collecting masks about 20 year ago, fueled by an interest in anthropology started by taking a few classes on the subject at Kansas State University while working on her music degree. Hanson now has over 200 masks in her collection. Carla selected and made 95 masks from her collection available for display at our Museum.

Royalty Mask - Cameroon Grasslands, Africa, circa 1980s Monkey Mask - Guatamala, 1995 Skin Mask - Alaska, circa 1950 - Inupiak Butterfly Mask - Burkina Faso, Africa, 1972 - Bobo Tribe Polychrome Bark Mask - Colombia, South America, 1974
Wenaafo, Buffalo Mask - Burkina Faso, Zagtouli Village, 1965 - Mossi Tribe Pascola Mask - Southern Arizona, circa 1950 - Yaqui Nation Woman's Veil - Saudi Arabia, circa 1950 - Wahadi religious sect Buffalo with Bird - Ivory Coast, circa 1980 - Guro Tribe Beaded Mask - Nigeria, Africa, circa 1910 - Yoruba tribe
Tigre Mask - Pinotepa Naeional, Oaxaea, Mexico 1965 Frog Mask - Bali, circa 1990 Loniake - Mali and Burkina Faso, 1985 Blowing Spirit - Northeastern North America, mid 1960s - Iroquois Diablos Cojuelos - The Devil, Dominican Republic 1993